This blog is not dead…

I just wanted to let y’all know. As a messy desk is sometimes construed as the sign of a person at work… a delay can be the same for perhaps a very well-tuned product going through constant/numerous tweaks. I don’t post anything half-done… besides this. Stay tuned! Stay tuned.

Today I drove by a guy with a shaved head that saw it necessary to blurt out a racial slur, deciding to do so for the 1.2 seconds he actually could identify my ethnicity as I drove by, minding my own business… and that brought me back to the theme of my blog page.

We Asians… are treated like shit. There I said it. It is what it is. It’s not profanity. What is it when you censor a word when the situation can’t be described any other way?

That should be just as bad. Don’t act holier than thou, although you’re definitely better than me.

“Thou” is the other Asian. My name isn’t “Thou,” but you are better than me.