1 left… I think they’re right.

(Stealing right out of my brother’s playbook on Instagram, I’ve decided to copy-and-paste an excerpt I posted on another site. A positive precedence seems to merit it.)
This was on a forum, and the question was a hypothetical:
2 pieces of pizza are left… and a dude takes the bigger slice. Do you secretly curse him?
A lot of replies were snarky since the question was kinda trolling in its lack of sincerity… including:
‘No, not secretly.’
‘Fist fight ensues.’
‘No, but I make him also eat the box.’
My reply was more long-winded, as always:


“You know, my mom would beat the crud out of me if I ate the last of anything… teaching me to leave it for someone else… even if there wasn’t anyone else.

I wouldn’t and couldn’t eat the last of anything, be it an Oreo or a slice.

She also taught me to never eat in front of people if I were the only one eating… not to bring food and not bring for everyone.

Ironically, as what goes around comes around… as a kid hungry I would watch this dude… a friend of my stepdad… barge in with a whole bag of Jack In The Box and eat in front of me and my brother…

As well on a missionary trip to rural South Dakota… we had a box of pizza and one slice was left… so of course the large dude in the group ate it without a twinge of conscience.

I just don’t get it.”

“My friend, I think it’s time you start snatching the last piece.”
(*Another responder:)
“You’ve earned it.”
I think they’re right.
I should take what’s left.

One thought on “1 left… I think they’re right.

  1. It IS always awkward when the last piece is sitting there. To me, it’s the unsaid rule or ‘polite thing’ to do to leave it but, I’ve come to a point in my life when a sit-down meals are few and far between because of the kids, so I’d be that guy now who would, with baby in arm, take that last piece cuz I consider the box as my plate. 😉


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