Living With The Illuminati

“Ever have the feeling you was being (sic) watched?”

Some things are too awful to just be coincidence.

“Perfect storms” are just perfect cover ups.

Laptop wigged-out at a very financially inconvenient time.

Wish I had an ear to bend… but everyone is too busy… ignoring my texts.

No, no… this isn’t just about a laptop.

The laptop is just that junction in the movie where things hit rock-bottom… you know… that part in Fargo where he just gives up scraping the ice off the windshield and throws a tantrum?

Yeah, we’re there… Again.

Maybe I can pick this apart like the way brilliant NFL coaches pick apart opposing teams.

Loss of routine really destroys OCD people like me.

Methodically, first it’s the bed sheets. They were horrible to begin with.

Have too many blankets you’re not using? Dump TEN of ’em onto the bed of someone you’re collecting rent from.

Part II is changing them later when he is at work… for whatever reason.

I mean I guess an autistic weird guy like myself might’ve sweated a lot in one night, meriting they be changed…

Then there’s stuff being rearranged constantly, added or subtracted.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Have what I’m going to eat tonight… so put a sandwich in the fridge that has to be eaten today.

I’ll just have what I was GOING to have the day after tomorrow… after my fasting day.

One day in the freeze.

Finally an Eat Day.

Nope, more food put in. I mean, I guess I could freeze IT and just do what I had planned.

Why can’t weird people leave weird people alone?

Yes, you are weird, too.

As my 3rd-grade teacher always would say (Ironically, a teacher that hated my guts):

“You know who you are.”




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