“I HATE hearing that…”

After my brother left home abruptly at age 20… leaving me with my cousin who I didn’t jive with anyway, I knew I was in trouble. Life was already boring as it was. With Bro gone, I spent the bulk of the following winter heavy on Netflix.

Having no idea which movies would have a “heavy” impact, I looked up reputed ones… concentrating on rated ‘R’ since it seems that the more devoted, shaggy directors will seek that rating just to make their movie seem contemporary… even if all it is is because the ‘f’ word is said more than two times.

One of the first was “Saving Private Ryan,” and those were tough times so I was appreciating every nuance of anything that said anything about everything that is trying to the human spirit… and that movie is one of the best at it… setting the tone for me to pursue a bunch of other military-themed movies and documentaries… about self-sacrifice and putting your fellow soldier and country above yourself… being in a situation so fearsome, ugly and far away from home that you frequently mention and contemplate all of the things most precious to you… but then ultimately making the decision to say goodbye to all of that… and even ON foreign soil… in order to “do your job.”

Anyway, in one documentary a soldier in an interview said he absolutely HATED hearing, “You did what you had to do,” and that did nothing to help him make sense of his experiences at war.

Well, today my football team lost… and the empty cliche’ cache of overused and vague go-to phrases poured out on cue.

One of the more common and notorious is, “We’ll get ’em next year.”

I HATE hearing that.

As Madden said, the sport evolves so fast…

Basically the next year you can’t bring the same template with a few minor adjustments…

No re-signing old guys past their prime who have an asking price past the salary cap.

“We’ll get ’em next year.”

I HATE hearing that.


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