Further Proof Of The Curse

I seem to be here to be a champion of ‘Asian rights.’

Nah. Make no mistake.

Make no mistake… I want to improve things for myself… but neither do I benefit from the fortunes of other Asians… but… I’m not here to add to them, either.

I DO, however, fall victim to their shortcomings.

We “all look alike” as long as we’re doing things people don’t like… or looking like something people don’t like.

We seem to only be individuals when someone does something good.

‘Well, that was THAT person. That’s not YOU.’

Yet, when someone is a terrible driver or lives obtusely, picking toejam with a pair of chopsticks, suddenly we “all look alike.”

Humanity at its usual finest.

There is an ongoing debate about the race of that son of Noah who poked fun of his father being passed-out-drunk… when he should have covered him up and preserved his dignity and cordoned off the tent to his siblings instead of immaturely endorsing it going, ‘Hey! Come here!’

Given how my life has gone I have almost become certain that he was the Asian child.

I may be competing with another race that has made claim or been the victim of the claim that that son of Noah was the first of their race.

I think this post lays that to rest.

“Cagehouses,” where some Asians reside.*

I’ll bring the point of the theme home a bit later.



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