On the exact, same fateful day in December, 1981…

Two men were born, one in Decatur, the other in Madigan.

One would be 6’5″.

The other would be 5’6″.

One would go on to make millions, but sometimes hustle if the pocket collapses.

The other would have to hustle his entire life, with his pockets always collapsing.

One would become a notable quarterback who, despite a struggling team, is himself putting up splendid numbers this year after signing a contract extension.

The other would have to hustle his entire life, but not on a turf or grass football field, but in life itself.

One is the father of 8.

The other is constantly rooted against, sometimes by people who try to hide it.

As soon as I learned that this guy was born on the exact, same day as me, I’ve been a moderate fan… except one day in 2014 when my team had to go against him… and lost.

I’ve always been a sports fan, but more intriguingly, always an athlete.

At 5’6″ and Asian, though, I would never get taken seriously.

We weren’t allowed to participate in sanctioned school sports, anyway, the very gateway to the pros… so I never stood a chance.

Thank you, mom, for everything.

Two very different outcomes for two people born on the exact, same day.

I was prompted to write this after a well-publicized “happy dance” he did after a pick 6 on the other side of the field, met by both ridicule and praise.

Team set to move to another city, not too far from where they stand now.

I just moved, and similarly, not too far from where I was.

One other parallel…

Good numbers this year, mediocre team.

Me? Bad numbers this year, no team.

Numbers? Just anything.

No team?

No team.

Me against the world.

I would say I tend to lose by more than a field goal, though.