The public and overflowing recycle bins are… Ok.

I drink a lot. That’s the only way I make it through life… had a bad childhood getting screamed at by my mom that ended… but was never really fixed/addressed.

Lemme say if you feel self-conscious about putting that recycle bin out to the curb it may be an abstract way of realizing too much is too much, but that’s a personal decision.

In my case I always hope someone will reach out to me if they notice it, and fix my life from the inside-out.

I’m depending on the public for some kind of assistance… you know… that “public” that is so much more mature and grown-up than I am?

So far they’ve been as afraid to “take on” my mom as I was.

You’re better than me… more mature… not a prude… not a walking turnoff of a person devoid of any and all things romantic… but have no input to offer to me in my “personal,” mountain-out-of-molehill dilemma?



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