Royal Chickenpox

So, two KC Royals have the chickenpox, and have been quarantined.

‘Will miss weeks.’

Lol I had to go to school with the pox for several days.

These spots started appearing, coinciding with (1) another classmate having had them and (2) me visiting my dad over the weekend.

I complain to my mom, and she goes, “They’re just bug bites from your dad’s. You’re going to school.”

They multiply over a few days and my energy gets REALLY low and I complain again and show her and “THEY’RE JUST BUG BITES FROM YOUR FILTHY DAD’S HOUSE YOU’RE GOING TO SCHOOL!”

They multiply again and I show my stepdad…

“THAT’S chickenpox.”

This was after several days of having to go to school and grueling gym activities and everything… including woodshop.

These players can’t just tough it out and play some baseball?



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