Asians Hate Each Other


Finally got rid of the high-pitched default intro, “Hello, world!”

Yeah, no.

Asians hate other Asians. Non-Asians hate Asians. Asians compete with other Asians. Other Asians rub their hands in satisfaction when their own struggles.

I remember a guy at a soccer game mostly organized by my supposed friends blatantly making racial remarks to me. My “friends” didn’t intervene. They cowered in fear and let our “friendship” end that day with their ineptitude and inaction. They were as afraid as an Asian would be! They didn’t stand up to this guy, even though he was of the same race as them. Talk about not caring about a conflict of interest and taking a juicy dump on friendship, if it was even there to begin with.

“You know, Spock, everyone is human.”

“I find that remark… insulting…”

Everyone is Asian.

Here is my blog.

Here is the tone, set.



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